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Want to learn more about Linux? Try one of these.
One of the best: www.linux.org
What is Linux? Let BasRijniersce explain
University ofHelsinki, Finland
The Antwerp Linux User Group
SSC Linux Resources links
Plexon.com's What is Linuxpage
Linux, thealternative to Windows
Linux SystemAdministrator's Guide
Erik's pageabout Linux programming and a few other things
The Linux Newswire
Various Linux Links
Famous Linux Quotes
John Gott's Linux Page
Obtaining and Installing Linux
Joshua Go's beginners guide to Redhat Linux
The premiere site for people studying for the RedHat Certified Engineer Exam!
System Daemons
Sendmail - Home Page
System Tools
Ziptool for IOMEGA's zip disk drives
Linux Benchmarks
Linux help pages
Linux Netscape help page
Advance Power Management (APM) information
Joshua Go's beginners guide to RedHat Linux
Laurentiu Badea's Linux page
News Groups & Mailing List links
Linux Mailing Lists
Business links
Linux business applications
Mission Critical Linux
Linux Enterprise Computing
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Last updated 4-25-1998.