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Popular Linux Distributions
by Caldera
The Caldera OpenLinux Product line is a multi-tasking, multi-user operating system that gives you the power and reliability of UNIX on a personal computer. OpenLinux is Caldera's "distribution" or package of Linux.

Craftwork Linux Craftwork Solutions, Inc. announces our second generation Linux OS for the Intel Platform! Craftworks Linux CD-ROM is completely hand-crafted from the source.

Debian GNU/Linux Debian GNU/Linux is a complete and powerful Unix-compatible operating system. Currently, the only full release is for computers based on the 80x86 chipset, although releases for other architectures are on the way. In particular, the ports to the DEC Alpha and m68k based machines (Atari and Amiga) are near completion.

Infomagic Linux Updated release includes complete materials to install and run LINUX. Includes the official linux archives from tsx-11.mit.edu and sunsite.unc.edu along with the complete GNU archive from prep.ai.mit.edu. Current release of most popular distributions are included.

Kheops Linux
Description... : Chaque distribution Linux est accompagnée de son manuel d'installation en français, sous la forme d'un fichier. Ce pack de 6 CDs mis à jour au 30/08/97, contient tout ce qui est nécessaire à l'installation et l'exécution de Linux ainsi que des archives issues de tsx-11.mit.edu.

RedHat Linux Red Hat Linux is a POSIX based, advanced, easy to administer operating system that allows your PC to function as a UNIX workstation effectively and reliably for advanced computing tasks.

by Trans-Ameritech
Trans-Ameritech Systems, Inc. Not much information on their site to read about the products.

Slackware Linux
by Walnut Creek
Slackware, Red Hat, and Mk. - If you have a Macintosh, get MkLinux. It's the only distribution currently available. If you are already a Linux user, stick with the distribution you learned on unless you have a reason to change. If you have no previous Linux experience, try Slackware. Red Hat has a few aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly configuration utilities.

S.u.S.E. Linux
S.u.S.E. Linux 5.1 with Kernel 2.0.32 is a Linux distribution on 4 CD-ROMs, complete with a 420-page reference book, "YaST", the world's most comprehensive Linux system administration tool, and much more. Containing more than 1300 packages in 21 series! This means that you get more than 650 preconfigured, ready-to-use, compiled packages, with all the docs, and the sources packaged separately.

Linux Pro
by WorkGroup Solutions
Linux Pro Plus is the product that any serious Linux enthusiast will want, because it takes the most comprehensive, most professional, and best supported Linux of them all, and puts it together with the Linux Encyclopedia reference, and tech support.

Plug & Play Linux
by Yggdrasil
Plug & Play Linux, two CD-ROM's. The first CD-ROM includes all system programs, while the second CD-ROM is source code.